Capela Compostelana was created with the intention to bring back to light the music of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

    Our performance comes from the use of vocal and instrumental techniques proper to each period and style; this is, to our advice, the right practice to understand and enjoy works so much distant to us in time. In this way, we try to learn, with humility and respect, the practice of those musicians contemporary to them.

    The members of the ensemble were trained in the areas of early music and the fate or necessity brought them together in the end of the world, which is Compostela.

    Since 1988 Capela Compostelana has performed concerts in Spain,  Europe and USA, in prestigious festivals, including: Festival de Vitoria, Via Stellae, Semana de Música Antigua de Estella, Festival Internacional de Deia, Concerts de Música Barroca de Palma, Auditorio de Galicia, Metropolitan of New York, "Festival de Musique Sacree" de San Maló…

    Capela Compostelana spends a substantial part of its work to the recovery and promotion of the Spanish Renaissance and Baroque music, with special care to Galician music. In this area Capela Compostelana has released the recordings "José de Vaquedano, Maestro de Capilla de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela" (Ed. Edigal) and "Villancicos a Santiago" (Ed. Fonti Musicali), with works of one of the most important Master of the Chapel from the “Catedral de Santiago de Compostela”. Capela Compostelana is currently preparing upcoming recordings with Spanish music of this period.

    Compostelana Capela pays attention to the recovery of ancient traditions and liturgies from the Cathedral of Santiago, i.e. the Solemn Vespers and Mass of Consecration in the acts of the "Celebration of the Eighth Centenary of the Cathedral of Santiago".

     The ensemble collaborates regularly with the “Orfeón Terra a Nosa” and “Capilla Musical de la Catedral de Santiago”.

Capela Compostelana


Cantata “Actus Tragicus”

J. S. Bach (1685-1750)


Giovanni Carissimi (1605-1674)

G. Ph. Telemann


Divine and Profane in Spanish Baroque2000_Lisbon_eng.html2000_Lisboa.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Teatro Principal

Santiago de Compostela

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)


Cathedral of Astorga

Musica en la Catedral de Astorga II


Auditorio de Galicia

Santiago de Compostela


Auditorio de Galicia

Santiago de Compostela


Colexiata Santa María la Real

Xunqueira de Ambía



Several cities


Several cities


Spanish tour


Samos Monastery



Monastery of Sobrado. Coruña

Festival Via Stellae

La Chambre du Roy

Viola da gamba works of Marin Marais (1656-1728)


Participation of Capela Compostelana in the soundtrack of

Ánimas Church

Compostela Organum Festival

Actus Tragicus Gottes Zeit Fragment


Luzes y cariños


Por donde, di…


Monastery of San Domingos de Bonaval, Santiago


Basílica de San Martín de Mondoñedo- Foz

Festival Via Stellae


EEUU tour

New York - San Bartholomew Churc

The Cloisters (MET)

Washington - Washington Cathedral

France tour:

Clery : Abbey of Notre Dame

Saint Maló: San Vicent Cathedral. Festival International de Musique Sacrée de Saint Maló

“Salón Nobre”  of Centro Galego de Lisboa

University Church. Santiago de Compostela

Membra Jesu Nostri

Dietrich Buxtehude  (1637-1707)

Lamentación “Manum Suam”


Le Nymphe di Rheno

Johannes Schenk  (1660 ± 1712)


Semana Musical de Noia. San Martiño Church. Noia

Cathedral of Santiago. Santiago de Compostela

Music and Tales from Spanish Renaissance

Concerts in San Martiño Pinario. Santiago de Compostela


Highlighted programs

Capela Compostelana is member of Asociación para a promoción da Música ACTUS


Francisco Luengo. Musician & luthier

Pan por pan…